The mission of AL.MA. NETWORK-B2B is to create connections between Marche companies and international partners. We carefully select companies on the basis of the product sector and their targets. We carry out scouting activities by relying on qualified and certified local institutional entities in order to find the most suitable international partner for you.

On 19 July 2022, AL.MA. NETWORK-B2B organized an OPEN B2B between Marche companies in the wine sector and a well-known and some selected partners importers and distributors from CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania).

On this occasion, AL.MA. NETWORK was supported in the scouting activities by the institutional entities ICE Urali and by WTC of Ekaterinburg.
Overall, 9 companies from the Marches specialized in wine production and 12 partners from CIS countries took part in the event.

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