ROSSINI TV – Portal for the digital export presentation conference on 26 january 2022


ROSSINI TV, talks about the launch of the AL.MA. NETWORK in the presentation conference on January 26, 2022.

Title: “Foreign business: the “alma network b2b” platform is born.

AL.MA. NETWORK, the digital export portal created in collaboration with the Marche Region, dedicated to supporting Marche companies in the internationalization process towards the main emerging markets (India, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam).

Free and unique tool for the Marches, at the complete service of businesses!What are the winning tools?

  • digitization: all services will be provided exclusively online
  • network intended as “creation of collaborative networks” to allow the development of this international project.
  • opportunities for online fairs: where both companies and partners can enter the portal, view the showcases of registered companies and request a first contact/meeting. A digital opportunity to bring together supply and demand!

Are you a company that wants to extend its network of commercial relationships?

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